Gauguin’s Zombie developed over seven years of research and art making between 1998 and 2005. Based on the premise that Paul Gauguin, French painter and visitor to the South Pacific, has returned to life in a fictional exhibition in a fictional museum, this installation explores the complex dynamics between the past and present, the influence of colonialism and cultural identity, and the traditions of the Western and non-Western worlds. The installation included large-scale paintings, woodcarvings, a thatched hut, and fabricated writings such as emails, faxes, press releases, journal entries, and artist’s statements. Gauguin’s Zombie was exhibited at Honolulu Museum (2002), Schaefer International Gallery at Maui Arts and Cultural Center (2003), and White Box -The Annex in Chelsea, NY (2005). The historic Gauguin's Zombie site is:.